Where can I find a good website designer?

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If you need a website for your business but you are not a skilled Web Designer yourself, you are in a real trouble. On one hand, you can find some of the free online drag&drop website builders and spend a good amount of your time and energy on building your website the way you think you want it and end up with something completely opposite to what you had in your mind. On the other hand, you can hire a professional to do it for you and save your time and your much needed energy for doing things that can better contribute your business – on improving certain aspects of your business-dealing, on advertising, etc.

Once you decide to hire a professional, especially if it is your first time around, you will find yourself banging your head against a wall, asking yourself ‘Where can I find a good Web Designer?’ Searching the net for the right person for the job you need to have done can be very tedious.

Besides carefully and clearly outlining the project and preparing the material you want to be published on your website, it is essential to use trusted job portals that facilitate checking freelancers’ work and other people’s comments on their performance, the methods of making payments and the tools which facilitate your cooperation with the freelance Web Developers you hire.

One can use free job portals, like Craigslist, to their own risk. Such places rarely have customer rating and reviewing sections. Moreover, not having secure payment platforms and lack of project-management built-in tools, put additional stress on the risk factor.

Paid job portals allow people to search or post jobs to job-boards for free, but they charge you with a certain amount, usually a 5 – 15 percent commission-free, once a freelancer gets hired.

Job portals, according to research conducted by numerous websites, that can be considered trustworthy, among others, are:

1. Upwork

This job portal is claimed to be very good for different types of projects that can be delivered online. Their system is easy to use. Their chat histories are easily accessible – one doesn’t have to search through hundreds of e-mails to find what he or she needs. They have time tracker for time-based projects and visual confirmation of the progress of each project. Search engines which sift through numerous freelancers are used to find those with skills required for each project. The payment tool releases payments as soon as a milestone is reached and allows the person willing to hire someone to prefund, which gives a sense of security that the project will be paid once it is done. Another handy tool they use is the testing tool which allows freelancers to test different skills, like grammar, coding, etc.

2. Fiverr

This job portal is claimed to be very good for small and limited budget projects. It offers a different system of hiring freelancers. Freelancers quote which type of projects they are willing to take and the people looking to hire someone for a project can do their research according to what they need to be done for them. Fiverr doesn’t have milestones for payments – jobs offered on this portal take a day or two to be completed. They also offer prior customer reviews for each freelancer and provide payment security.

3. 99designs

This job portal seems to be preferred by Graphic Designers. One of the best features for clients is the fact that, once a job is posted, many designers deliver their solutions and the only thing the person who has posted the job has to do is pick the best one. They have no project-management and skill-testing tools, like set milestones, communications, time tracking, visual confirmations etc., but their secure payment platform functions very well and prior customer reviews and ratings are available for each freelancer.

4. Toptal

Whereas other job portals are willing to allow freelancers of dofferent backgrounds and with different skill-sets to create their profiles and start receiving job offers, this job portal subjects their freelancers to a strict screening process and conducts rigorous background checks before allowing people to work for them. It offers a risk-free trial period for all freelancers that can be hired for working on a project – customers not satisfied with end-products do not have to pay.

5. Shopify Experts

They have gained reputation as one of the best job portals for eCommerce websites. They offer search engines for finding suitable freelancers all over the world. Prior customer reviews and ratings facilitate hiring the most suitable person. Lack of standardized tests through which freelancers can confirm their technical skills and not offering project management tools and secure payment platforms are a bit of a setback.

6. BigCommerce Experts

Popular for eCommerce website building projects, this job portal offers a panel of experts one can hire. Their search engine is helpful for finding people of the skill-set required for completing different projects from all over the world. It offers reviews and ratings of prior customers for each freelancer. Unfortunately, they have no standardized technical skill confirmation tests, no project management tools and no secure payment platforms.

7. Squarespace Specialists

They are known as one of the best drag & drop website building job portals, which hires free lancers from around the world, in the market today. They offer no job-waiting options, but they have search-engines for locating freelancers with desired skill-sets. They lack prior customer ratings and reviews, standardized tests for confirmation of different skills for the freelancers who work for them, project-management tools and a secure payment platform.

8. Codeable

Freelancers working on this job portal are interviewed and their work is thoroughly evaluated before they are allowed to work at all. They have a different system of winning projects – they do not bid – once a job is posted, they apply and the price is calculated according to the average of their bids after which the portal adds 15% for the 100 % guarantee it offers its customers

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