13 things to avoid when building a website

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When building a website, no matter whether you are doing it by yourself or having it built by a professional web-designer, there is a number of things you should be aware of and avoid doing by any means. Lots of researches have been conducted on what mistakes people have made while building websites and on the effects those mistakes have had on the desired effects of websites.

Here is a list of things you should pay attention to:

Do not choose a bad web-host service

 A bad webhost, by not providing an adequate up-time can affect your SEO. Besides that, people claim that if a page does not load within a few seconds, they just give up on it and move to another activity without giving it a second thought. So, be careful while deciding which webhost to use for your website and make sure your website is optimized for quick loading.

Bad website navigation is a big turn off for many visitors

Menu should be kept simple and easy to use. You should avoid having a cluttered menu, difficult to be navigated. Reasons for that are pretty obvious. If people tryig to find some information on your site do not succeed in their attempt within a few seconds, they will give up.   

Constantly update your website

If you do not constantly update your website, it will also affect your SEO. It is a good idea to have things like blogs, for instance, going on. Posting updates and changing photos or data from time to time should also take place. Make sure your website doesn’t go stale.

Removing the H1 tag is a big mistake

The H1 tag and your target key words incorporated in it are very important for SEO. One of the biggest mistakes people designing a website are prone no doing is removing this tag because they need space for something else. You shouldn’t allow this tag to be  removed from the theme of your website.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly

When choosing a theme for your website, no matter whether you are hoisting it on your own or having it built by a professional, you should make sure it is mobile friendly. A website functioning perfectly on a computer can act up on a mobile device, but nowadays people tend to use mobile phones, tablets, i-pads and other types of mobile devices more and more and it is of utmost importance to have a mobile friendly website.

Display the information potential visitors of your website may be looking for easily accessible

Sites which do not provide their visitors with the data they are looking for within a few seconds have got really bad online reviews. You should bear this fact in your mind when choosing a theme for your website and when deciding on which piece of information goes in which slot of the template of your choice. Provide your visitors with an easy access to data like contact information etc.

Make sure the font used for your website is reader friendly

No matter how trivial this may appear to anyone on the first glance, this issue turns out, according to several researches conducted by different web portals, to be an important issue. Plainly speaking, people hate squinting when they read things, so make sure that the font used for your site is reader friendly.

Having lots of links opening new browser windows on your website should be avoided

Having links taking visitors of your site away from it or opening a number of new browser windows on your mobile device seems to be a very bad idea. People who have had an experience with such sites have left trace of their dissatisfaction in the form of bad reviews. Therefore, you should avoid having such links on your website. 

Placing social media buttons on the top of your webpage is not a good idea

Why should anyone place social media buttons on the top of a web page? They are distracting. They can easily lead people away from your web page and the possibility of their returning back to it is very low. So, this is one more thing that should never be done. Put social media buttons elsewhere, just not on the top of your web page.

You should not have buttons that are difficult to click on

 While this does not make too big of a problem when using a computer, having such buttons can really be frustrating for people trying to use mobile devices. Trying to click on such a button can lead one to trying to enlarge the image on the screen, which is a nasty and irritating little activity, and it drives people to unconsciously giving up the search and moving on to look for something else.

Keep track of which activities are taking place on your website through google analytics

Having google analytics incorporated in your website is a good idea. It constantly gives you insight into which activities are taking place there, and you can use such data for improving the performance of your site, its ability to reach more and more people, etc. Lack of google analytics or CRM systems is one of the things to be avoided.

Avoid allowing pop-ups

 Pop-ups are one of the most irritating occurrences that take place online. Many people admit that they immediately close a webpage if a pop-up appears while they are trying to check something online. By any means you should not allow having pop-ups.

Lack of the search option is not a good thing for a site

Majority of people will leave the page if they do nof find the information they are looking for quickly. Some of them will look for the search option as a means of getting some help in their pursuit, and if they do not find it, they will simply give up.

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