Becoming a web designer: pros and cons

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Living in the environment of the 21st century, you can basically set yourself to do whatever you like. There are a lot of options and possibilities when choosing a career. One of the most popular areas of work is computer science, and it is the world fastest growing industry. In this field there are many branches you can choose, and one of them is web designing. However, if you are thinking of becoming a web designer, there some basics you should understand before getting into the web design career.

To become a successful web designer, you should firstly gather some knowledge and necessary skills. Some of these skills can be mastered in time, but there are some fundamental ones that you need to gain to start this business.

Here are the basics you should learn in order to start practicing web designing:

• Visual components such as photo editing, color balance, navigation and designs;

• Technical components such as program languages, coding standards and software knowledge

Once you have conquered the basics, you can start designing web content but be sure you know all the pros and cons of this type of work.



Web designers have a great starting salary, and after you get some experience your income will only rise. Some designers have envious amounts of annual salary, but that is understandable since almost everyone needs an online platform for their business today.


If you like working from home, then this is a big pro for you. Many designers work from home, since they don’t have to be physically present in an office or such to do their work. All they need is a good computer and creativity.


As a designer, if you are not working in a big IT company you can set your own hours. You set the deadlines, the timeline, and your working hours.

Individual work

If you don’t like working in teams or having a superior, then this is another pro for you. Being a freelance web designer gives you the opportunity to work under your own rules.

Variety of work

Since your job is creating content for other people businesses, you always get to work on different things. You can be setting up a personal blog or a sales company website, creating content for educational purposes, cooking recipes… basically anything.


Sitting for long periods of time

If you aren’t into sports or exercise, this may sound as a pro. But working as a web designer includes sitting by your computer for hours, which can get annoying and boring. It can also be bad for your physical health and cause eye problems, back pain and similar. There are some options to reduce this health issues but none of them are 100% efficient.


In this business, you are constantly learning new things. As i previously stated, this is the fastest growing industry and new technologies and ways of use are implemented almost every day. For that reason, you need to stay up to date with all of those improvements.


Since you will be doing work for your clients, you should know from the start that sometimes they can be very difficult to work with. Most of them are people who have no previous knowledge about web design and they may not even know how to explain what they want from you. You could find yourself making a design for them, and if that’s not what they imagined they’d ask you to change things and designs. Be prepared to be flexible.


Don’t think you are the only web designer there is or by far the best. Doing this job, you will have a lot of competition coming your way, and you need to stay on top of your work in order to stand out from others.


As a designer, you will have to work on several projects at once, since you won’t always be in the position to decline a job proposal. Working on multiple projects at the same time can be very tiring and time consuming.

At the end, try to balance these pros and cons and see if this is the type of work you will be happy doing every day. Apart from these, there are many other factors to be taken into consideration before working as a web designer. Once you introduce yourself with this type of work, you will know if it is the right career choice for you or not.

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