Recognizing the most common web hosting mistakes

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Choosing a web hosting service provider is not easy if you are a beginner in this field. While some people make decisions without many information, in this area you should gather as much knowledge as you can about the web hosting service you are choosing and try to avoid mistakes that many people tend to make.

Being in the online business sounds great, but if your grounds aren’t good, neither will your business be. Your website can be about anything, but your main goal is communication with the customers. This is why you need to provide them with safe, useful and strong product that is your website.

Here are some of the top mistakes people make that you should try to avoid:

• Pricing

There is no doubt that you would want to pay as less as possible for your web hosting service, or even get it for free. However, this is the biggest mistake people make because free or cheap web hosting service means exactly that – poor service. You probably won’t be able to have your own domain name, and these deals are not very appropriate for serious businesses.

You may get a deal that is acceptable in price, but many problems will occur with the service itself, such as:

• Slow loading data
• Putting ads on your website in exchange for a free deal
• No technical support
• Limited possibilities of your website growth
• Server speed and quality
• Security functions
• Running some scripts

• Bandwidth

This is certainly very important in choosing your hosting service, and that is why you need to be familiar with you needs before choosing a package. You may need more or less bandwidth that you think, and that can cause problems such as overpricing your deal or being left with less bandwidth than your site needs. You should also note that unlimited bandwidth or disk space is almost never unlimited.

This gets us to our third mistake.

• Restrictions

Always, always read about the restrictions and limitations your web hosting package has. This can cause you problems in the long run, because you didn’t know the specifics about the deal. Be careful to read about:

• Refunds
• Customer reviews
• Bandwidth and disk space limitations
• Security levels
• Technical support
• Data backup
• Software installation
• Managing POP accounts

• Shared or dedicated hosting?

Before choosing whether you want to have shared or dedicated hosting, introduce yourself to the difference between the two. Many users operate on shared hosting web service. That means that the space on the server you are using is shared with other users. Of course, it does not mean that someone else will have the access to your website. You will just share the same server, with the conditions that are not suitable to advanced users.

Dedicated hosting means that you are the only user of the space on the server provided for you. The host will make sure your server is marked for you only, as well as the efficiency of the server itself.

Do a research before choosing your web hosting package so you know that the needs your website has are met with these specifics.

• Technical Support

Whether you are going to use your website as a personal blog, or a platform for some serious business, you should make sure to check what kind of technical and customer support the web host is providing. This will be very important because technical problems can occur any time. That is why you should choose a host that provides 24/7 tech support for 365 days a year. Almost all providers have phone support, but online support such as email or live chat can be very useful as well, which is much better since there is no waiting and you can solve your problem faster.

You can find out about technical support from customer reviews, because unsatisfied users will almost always share their experience. Companies use their reviews to upgrade their technical support quality, as they always want to present themselves as efficient and reliable.


Avoiding these mistakes can help you in choosing the right web hosting service and will definitely help you learn more about the topic itself if you are a beginner or unfamiliar with some of the characteristics in the area. Keep in mind that even if you do a strong research about the web hosting service you are about to choose, it doesn’t mean that problems can’t sometimes occur.

If you know someone that has experience in the field of web hosting, do not hesitate to ask them about it. It is possible they know which web hosting to avoid, and which one is good for you and your needs, which will help you choose the right deal.

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