How to improve your conversion rate through web design

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It is all about appearance. Some research suggest that over 90% of first impressions are based on the design of your website. For that reason, think of your landing page as a gate or reception for your visitors. Turning visitors into clients is not easy, and to succeed in this you need to do your research and create a clear, well adjusted website.  

Once you decide to put your business online, you should have some pointers in mind on how to make it as profitable as possible. 


Your website is a representation of your brand, so make sure that you show it appropriately. Since your homepage is the first thing a visitor will see, try to establish a good brand position. Your whole visual identity – from your logo to the simple elements the brand carries – should be recognised by visitors and engage them in your business from the start. 


This is important for every website, given that a slow website can have unacceptable effects on your business. Any visitor will be annoyed by slow speed, because people are relatively impatient.

Even if you have better offers, prices and products, the competition can be huge and Google can put your website on the second search page if your website loading time is slower. This is easily solved by having a good hosting server and a possibility to upgrade your bandwidth with your visitors growth.

White space 

White space is the space you see between the elements on the page, such as visuals, text, headlines and similar. White space is also known as negative space, and it is very useful in web designing because it makes it easier for visitor to scan the page and focus on the relevant information. It is very useful to use this feature in you page designs, as it will outline the positive space – which is the information you want to send. 


When determining what you are going to offer to your clients, think about the Hick’s Law. This law describes how much time a human being needs to make a decision, as a result of possible choices he may have. Increasing the number of choices, you increase the time a user will need to make a decision. This is a very important factor in designing your web page. If you give your visitor too many different choices, it is likely for them to leave your page because of their inability to make a decision.

Product Information 

When you go to any physical store, you can see the product live and check out the characteristics of the product yourself. This is something your customers should be able to do on your website too, only online. Show your product and give as many specifications you can, answering all questions a customer might have in store. This way, you are also ensuring that you gave all information needed before selling the product. Some might say too much information is exhausting for the customers, but research shows that people like to know a much as they can before buying something. 


The human eye is able to see some colours faster than other. For example, you see yellow faster than any colour – 1.24 times faster than you see red. Also, it is proven that different colours evoke different emotions in people. When deciding on which colours to use for your website, be sure to know what kind of emotions you want your customers to have when looking at your website. This can be used in determining the colour for your headlines, the background, but most importantly the colours for your call to action buttons. 

These are some of the most important tips you can use in designing your web page to help increase your conversion rate. You can use them before you start making your website, or after you already have one and improve your conversion rate. The point is to always stay engaged and see what works for your website the best.

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